Central Biometric Verification Monitoring Platform




From the beginning of the operations of Telecom operators in Bangladesh, there was always an absence in the verification process of all Sim Registration. Criminal activities and cyber-crime had been increasing by unverified and non-documented SIM cards. It was becoming tough to minimize crime and list down authorized SIM cards. The problem lied in an absence of a verification platform where telecom operators and the government authorities can track down registered SIM cards with proper authenticity and eliminate the non-registered mobile users. This was the only way to eradicate corruption through non-verified telecom network and maintain an active database of mobile SIM users.

The key challenge of this project lied in proper inspection of every SIM`s NID and other personal information from 6 telecom operators in Bangladesh with any error.


Previously Synesis IT has been chosen as a reliable partner for the development of an information system platform Central Biometric Verification Monitoring Platform (CBVMP). Bio-metric SIM verification is one of the crucial part of change in the telecom industry. The operation has been encountered throughout the country and its significance is inexpressible.  However, to settle a credible server to look upon the Biometric SIM verification documents of all operators in Bangladesh, Grameen phone has worked together with the Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (“BTRC”) and with the Election Commission Bangladesh (”EC”). Thus, Synesis IT has proven itself to be partnered with this authority and developed an information system platform Central Biometric Verification Monitoring Platform.

Synesis IT has delivered marvelous IT solutions in Master settings and configuration, The Proposed System has the following modules Master Settings & Configuration, Security and Exception Handling, NID Verification; Passport Verification, Queue Management, Report Module.

Social Impact and Benefits

§  Thorough this platform every sim card was registered with proper National ID card, personal information and photograph.

§  Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC) has been able to successfully list down the registered sim networks and subscriber number.

§  Crime through illegal mobile numbers were reduced drastically.

§  Young generation got an alert and understood the deceiving impacts of using numerous sim cards.

§  Security forces now find it easy to detect any hideous matter while optimizing any crucial crime operation.