Banglalink Mindcare 7899

Banglalink, one of the largest telecom operators of the country, has introduced Banglalink mind care- a call center based counseling service for the first time in Bangladesh through which customers can share their psychological issues or any stress resulting from day to day problems and get medical consultancy from expert counselors and clinical psychologists.

Banglalink mind care is a subscription based mobile call center counseling service, where users will get 20 free minutes to consult with experts. The call center is consisting with a combined team of expert counseling psychologist, clinical psychologist and psychiatrist. Through this service users will get 24/7 counseling over mobile phone on various psychological issues such as counseling on stress control, counseling on diverse mental disorder and memory & IQ enhancing, counseling on child psychology, cognitive development and parenting advice, counseling on quit addiction.

In addition to providing counseling for various psychological issues, "Banglalink Mind Care" also aims to disseminate information and build awareness about child autism and adolescence counseling.

The service have:
  • IVR: Banglalink user can subscribe in this service by dialing 7899 and a welcome prompt will instruct the user about the IVR subscription of this service. User needs to follow the instruction to subscribe the service.
  • SMS: Banglalink user can also get the mental health tips service by sending SMS. Format is given below

Subscription Request::
Banglalink users can subscribe the service through SMS, IVR and USSD.
  • IVR based call center to get counselling regarding mental health
  • SMS content tips regarding mental health.

Category Service Name Keyword Short Code USSD
IVR/ Call Center Mind Care IVR START MON 7899 *7899*1*1#
SMS Tips Intelligence & Brain START INB *7899*2*1#
Mental Health START MNH *7899*3*1#
Child Psychology START CHP *7899*4*1#
Anxiety & Stress START ANS *7899*5*1#
Quit Drugs Tips START QDT *7899*6*1#

USSD: Subscribers can also avail the SMS services through USSD by dialing *7899# . .

IVR Service Subscription fee: BDT 15.00+VAT+SD+SC (with auto-renewal and without auto-renewal) for 20 minutes of IVR Browsing with 7 days' of IVR minutes validity.

How to Access IVR Service: To access, user need to dial 7899. If user wants to get counselling regarding mental health issues then user have to press mentioned digit/number for subscription. Upon getting subscription request, system will charge subscriber the subscription fee and accordingly subscription process will be completed. After successful subscription subscriber will be notified accordingly and subscriber will be able to talk with psychiatrist for 20 minutes at BDT 15.00 (without VAT+SD+SC). User also can avail other subscription based mental health related SMS tips service as per the IVR Instruction.

SMS Service Subscription fee: BDT 2.00+SD+VAT/SMS (with auto-renewal and without auto-renewal).

Un-subscription Request

SMS: Subscriber can unsubscribe the service by sending SMS in the following format
Category Service Name SMS Keyword Short Code USSD
IVR/ Call Center Mind Care IVR START MON 7899 *7899*1*2#
SMS Tips Intelligence & Brain STOP INB *7899*2*2#
Mental Health STOP MNH *7899*3*2#
Child Psychology STOP CHP *7899*4*2#
Anxiety & Stress STOP ANS *7899*5*2#
Quit Drugs Tips STOP QDT *7899*6*2#
  • USSD: Subscribers can unsubscribe the service by dialing USSD code.
  • STOP ALL: Subscribers can unsubscribe all the SMS and IVR service by sending STOP ALL keyword to 7899.

Tariff Plan:
Particular Charge
IVR Menu browsing FEE N/A
IVR Subscription (BDT) for Counseling Without VAT 15
IVR Minutes 20
IValidity 7 days

SMS Service:
Particular Charge
SMS Subscription Fee (BDT) Without VAT 2:00
Subscription Fee (BDT) With SD + VAT + SD + SC 2.44
Validity (Day) 1

Help & support:
  • Email:
  • Helpline number for customers: +8801922101141


Q. What is Banglalink Mind Care service?
Ans:Banglalink Mind Careis a 24 hours Mental Health Service. The service is provided through IVR or Call Center, SMS and other digital platform. The main objective of this service is to assist people with mental illness like anxiety, dementia, clinical depression, panic & bipolar disorder, child psychology and brain development with parenting advice for sound mental health through IVR and SMS.

Q.Who will provide the service in call center?
Ans:Banglalink Mind Careis a 24 hours Mental Health Service. In the call center, the service is provided by the clinical psychologist, counselling psychologist, educational psychologist and psychiatrist.

Q.Who can avail this service?
Ans:All Bnaglalink Prepaid & Postpaid user can subscriber this service.

Q. What can I get in Banglalink Mind Care Service?
Ans:The service will have

  • Through IVR, Banglalink user can get counselling and medicinal suggestion regarding mental health issues and brain development along with parenting and related health service from psychiatrist based call center.
  • SMS content tips regarding mental health.

Q.How do I avail this service through IVR?
Ans:Interested subscriber can subscribe to the service from IVR. Subscriber will dial 7899 and in welcome prompt subscriber will be instructed regarding the IVR subscription of the service. Subscriber needs to follow the instruction to subscribe the service.

Q. How do I avail this service through SMS?
Ans:You can avail SMS based service by sending subscription SMS (START ) to 7899 also by dialing USSD Code *7899#.

Q. Is there any charge for this service?
Ans:Yes. For IVR service, charge is BDT 15.00 + SD+VAT+SC and for SMS service, charge is BDT 2.00+SD+VAT+SC.

Q. Is there any browsing fee for IVR service?

Q. How many minutes do I get in IVR?
Ans:20 minutes

Q. Is there any package after spending 20 minutes IVR package?
Ans:Yes, you can avail another IVR Top up package after spending 20 minutes. The package is for 20 minutes at BDT 15.00 +SD+VAT+SC with 7 days' validity.

Q. How do I deactivate the service?
Ans:Subscriber can unsubscribe the service by sending a un-subscription SMS (STOP ) to 7899.

Q.What if I don't have taka 15+SD+VAT+SC/ taka 2+SD+VAT+SC in my account to avail this service?
Ans:If you don't have taka 15+SD+VAT+SC then you will not be able to avail the psychiatrist counselling service and if you don't have taka 2+SD+VAT+SC then you will no longer be able to avail the content for that particular day.

Q.Where should I call for support?
Ans:For any kinds of support regarding the service please email to or call to +8801922101141for assistance.