Robir Gyan 360

Service concept
The "Robir Gyan" is a SMS and IVR based m-Learning service. The core objective "Robir Gyan is to trigger the human curiosity and drive people to the ocean of knowledge utilizing technology like mobile and internet. The vision of "Robir Gyan" is to enlighten Millions of Minds disseminating gems of wisdom in the form of FACT and STORY derived from diverse knowledge area. This service is designed to deliver knowledge through SMS and IVR. The service will have:

  • SMS content about amazing facts on Great heroes, Science, Technology, History, Art & Literature, Earth and Space
  • Each SMS will be embedded with an IVR which will contain detail story about the fact

Service Type
Subscription Request

Subscribers can subscribe the service through SMS, IVR & USSD.

  • IVR:Interested subscriber can subscribe to the service from IVR. Subscriber will dial 360 and in welcome prompt subscriber will be instructed regarding the IVR subscription of the service. Subscriber needs to follow the instruction to subscribe the service.
  • SMS: Subscriber can avail the service sending SMS. Format is given below.

Category Keyword Short Code USSD Direct
Gyan Protidin START GYN 360 *360*1*1#
Jago Bangali START BAN *360*2*1#
Bir Gatha START BIR *360*3*1#
Abiskarer Khuje START ABR *360*4*1#
Obak Prithibi START PRI *360*5*1#
Krirajogot START SPR *360*6*1#
Biggyan-Projukti START BGN *360*7*1#
Mohashunner Kotha START UNI *360*8*1#
Shilpokola START ART *360*9*1#
Pranijogot START PRN *360*10*1#
Etihash-Oitijjo START ETI *360*11*1#

USSD: Subscribers can also avail the SMS services through USSD by dialing *360# & following instruction.

Subscription fee
BDT 2+SD+SC+VAT/SMS with 5 minute IVR per day (auto-renewable).

IVR Subscription fee & listening to content
Upon getting subscription request, system will charge subscriber the subscription fee and accordingly subscription process will be completed. After successful subscription subscriber will be notified accordingly and subscriber will be able to listen contents over IVR by dialing 360. With every SMS content there will be 5 minutes of free IVR browsing.

Un-subscription Request
SMS & USSD: Subscribers can unsubscribe the service sending SMS & dialing USSD code, Format is given below:

Category Keyword Short Code USSD Direct
Gyan Protidin STOP GYN 360 *360*1*2#
Jago Bangali STOP BAN *360*2*2#
Bir Gatha STOP BIR *360*3*2#
Abiskarer Khuje STOP ABR *360*4*2#
Obak Prithibi STOP PRI *360*5*2#
Krirajogot STOP SPR *360*6*2#
Biggyan-Projukti STOP BGN *360*7*2#
Mohashunner Kotha STOP UNI *360*8*2#
Shilpokola STOP ART *360*9*2#
Pranijogot STOP PRN *360*10*2#
Etihash-Oitijjo STOP ETI *360*11*2#
All Service STOP ALL N/A

Tariff Plan
Particular Charge
Subscription Fee (BDT) Without VAT 2.00
Subscription Fee (BDT) With SD + VAT 2.37
Validity (Day) 1
IVR Menu browsing FEE N/A
IVR content browsing Minute 5

Service related other important information
  • No opt-in and opt-out charge will be applicable.
  • Auto renewal will be applicable
  • Service will be continued until deactivated by the user