Robi Mind Tale 7899

Robi Mind Tale is a 24 hours Mental Health Service. The service is provided through IVR or Call Center. The main objective of this service is to assist people with mental illness like anxiety, dementia, clinical depression, panic & bipolar disorder, child psychology and brain development with parenting advice for sound mental health. In this service Robi user can get counselling and medicinal suggestion regarding mental health issues and brain development along with parenting and related health service through IVR based psychiatrist call center. Also Robi user will get mental health related tips through SMS. The service will have:
  • IVR based call center to get counselling regarding mental health from different expert counselors.
  • SMS content tips regarding mental health.

Subscription Request:

Robi user can subscribe the service through SMS and IVR

Banglalink users can subscribe the service through SMS, IVR and USSD.

  • IVR:Robi user can subscribe in this service by dialing 7899 and a welcome prompt will instruct the user about the IVR subscription of this service. User needs to follow the instruction to subscribe the service.
  • SMS: Robi user can also get the mental health tips service by sending SMS. Format is given below

Category Service Name Keyword Short Code
IVR/ Call Center Mind Tale (Non-Auto Renew) START MNT 7899
IVR/ Call Center Mind Tale (Auto Renew) START MTA 7899
SMS Tips Anxiety & Stress START ANS 7899
Mental Health START MNH
Intelligence & Brain START INB
Child Psychology START CHP
Quit Drugs Tips START QDT