Digitization of BBS Publication and Online Secondary Data


Bangladesh Bureau of Statics (BBS) has been providing the Government of Bangladesh and the whole nation with statistical information which in turn has been transforming to meaningful decision making and development work processes. Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics (BBS) conducted several surveys and censuses. BBS worked on two major issues:

Firstly, the stakeholders don’t have easy access to the previous BBS Publications or Reports since there is no proper digitized preservation methods of the web based soft copy of the previous survey and census results/publications.

Secondly, to produce national statistics and also to generate the GDP and all national accounts data BBS has to collect secondary data from several institutions which is currently done manually and it is very time consuming and expensive.

BBS has been serving the country with more than 38 years but to cope with the need of 21st century it realized a need for digitalization for more accessibility for the people of Bangladesh.


Synesis IT understood the need and created the platform to mitigate this gap. Finally, by database creation and publication, now anyone can easily access to any statistical information needed on any industry of the country from this online secondary data portal.

Social Impact and Benefits

§  Digitization of survey and census publications/reports since independence with the facility of search optimization (Like Google Search).

§  Development of online data collection system in order to collect data from secondary sources in a regular basis that may automatically generate reports for monthly publications of BBS.

§  Ensuring easy access of the BBS past, current and future survey and census publications/reports to the stakeholders.