Online GD Application


As a citizen of Bangladesh every general people has to find an immediate way to file a report against any uncertainty they face. Currently all the GD filing is maintained using papers and for this tracing them is a hard job for the police department. This tracing system has to be smooth and easier as well as with proper reporting facilities.

For this an online GD lost and found Service System was in need to be introduced, so that Bangladeshi Citizen can easily report an issue from anywhere just with the access of internet. Previously, Dhaka Metropolitan Police introduced online general diary (GD) filling system. Although the service was introduced so that people could file their complaints from home, the DMP online GD process needs the complainant to come to the police station in person which foils the overall goal of the initiative.


Bangladesh Police being premiere law enforcement agency has made efforts to digitize the services and preserve related data and to strengthen its ICT infrastructure for enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of the organization.

From previous experiences DMP then intended to automate the entire process of GD filling that will not only enable the complainant to fill GD online and receive a verification code (QR) for the GD but also to receive a soft copy of the GD certificate online without paying a physical visit to the police station. Synesis IT designed the full automation of the process via its potential technology and pro-active team.

Social Impact and Benefits

§  The online GD lost and found service system has been designed in a way that no citizen has to go to the police station physically and file a report without any fees or any trouble.

§  All the confirmation of the report is received through the designed system along with proper documents and approvals from authorized persons.

§  Bangladeshi Citizen can easily report an issue from anywhere just with the access of internet.

§  People will get a QR verification code and soft copy of the GD application. This will enable them to keep safe their verified GD applications and in case of emergency they can find it from their smartphones or PC.

§  Since all the activities needed to perform in this process is transparent and monitored online, this platform will gain credibility and reliability of the mass population.