Tottho Apa (Jatiyo Mohila Sangstha)


Women as a half part of our population should be playing a vital role to contribute in the society. If we look around, all the developed or developing country has mostly equal number of qualified men and women. Bangladesh is lagging behind in using half of population. Empowerment of women in ICT is a must in this Era and there is no similar option to compare. Specially if we compare, in the rural areas the education or access to information rate within women is very poor and unbelievable. To mitigate this problem in an effective manner, a robust and convenient platform was in need to build.


Jatiyo Mohila Sangstha (JMS), under the supervision of the Ministry of Women and Children affair, and in collaboration with Synesis IT developed the project called “Tottho Apa”: Empowering women through ICT towards Digital Bangladesh. Through ICT tools like mobile phone, Internet etc. a group of women will attain relative knowledge. Coupled with an intensive and efficient training program, these women would go to poor women and offer them a wide range of services including traditional and commercial services at nominal price. Synesis IT not only designed and developed the whole solution but also currently executing all call center related operation of Tottho apa. The service will be accessed from all telecom operators in Bangladesh by dialling 10922 from the subscribers’ mobile/land phone.

The main objective of founding this web portal is to get the information technology to women, in order to solve their day-to-day problems and thus improving their livelihood and over all socio-economic condition.

Anyone calling from any corner of the country can make access to those resource persons to the designated call number (Hotline-10922). This call center is highly Scalable in this manner of. The Central Call Center has the capacity of attending to six callers at a time. The key advantage of the online phone-in inquiries and conversation is that the call without being physically present to the resource persons(s) can have the atmosphere of a highly secured and flexible medium to discuss her / their problem at length without any hesitation or lack of privacy.

Social Impact and Benefits

§  Tottho Apa ensures accessibility of information for deprived and less advantaged women.

§  It has already solved the problems of many women and children by informational assistance.

§  Dissemination of Proper information from specific areas like; education, health, agriculture, business, gender, legal affairs can be accessed from here.

§  Experienced resource persons are engaged here in this call center to disseminate information.