Probash Bondhu Call Center



Bangladesh exports manpower to different countries of the world since 1976. Over the time, it has continued to grow. Currently in160 countries around the world, 1 crore Bangladeshi workers are employed in subsistence needs. Thier hard earned remittances (Foreign Currencies) have enormous contributions to the economic development of the country. Bangladesh at the talent, skills and expertise are about to leave the impression.  The migrant workers face a lot of problems regarding passport, legal issues, sending back dead bodies, compensations, and financial help for illness etc.


Considering these issues, Bangladesh government has decided to launch Probash Bandhu Call Centre to help remedy their problems. With the demand of Bangladesh Government, Synesis IT has designed, developed and implemented the idea of Probash Bondhu Call Center into reality.

This entire process is a combination of both software and manual work process through which expatriates in general just have to call and let the call center agent know about his/her problem. On the other hand, an agent is going to register this complaints in the Complaint management system along with registering a ticket and also by registering all the information to the CRM. The system has been designed in such a way that automatically distributes the complaints and develops the action plan according to its predefined escalation process. Every step in between these processes are trackable, traceable, defined, and restricted and that makes this call center Highly Secured. There are several authorization levels and too many channels of receiving calls. User can be created according to its own departmental role and every user authorization can be defined from step by step. Access can also be controlled from the center of the system and this uniqueness makes Probash Bondhu Call Center Highly Scalable and Highly Flexible.

Social Impact and Benefits

§  Probash Bondhu call center is handling highly sensitive complaints and the actions needed to mitigate those have been taken in fine tune.

§  Stakeholders information confidentiality has been kept safe by this call center solution.

§  Proper complaint escalation and process integration has been terminated step by step with credible transparency.

§  Call center team is always available to help with no line disruption facility.

§  Even call center has been maintaining an easy and fully functional, automated complaint management system for the expatriates who are not enough educated but still can communicate and solve their problems.