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Most of the Bangladeshi rural and semi-urban women as well as their family are not very much concerned about women’s pregnancy and how to take care in this crucial stage. Every year numerous number of women face complexity in pregnancy and death ratio of a pregnant mother or a new born child is a common case in rural areas mostly. Due to lack of education, financial crisis and low access to health matters the problem grew continuously but to change the scenario in a positive direction a realistic and helpful platform was needed.


Mobile Alliance for Maternal Action (MAMA) is a global public-private health information service created by USAID to help pregnant women, new mothers and their families receive behavior change communication messages via mobile phone. MCHIP has awarded a sub-agreement to Development Research Network (D.Net) to support specific service elements of MAMA in Bangladesh under the brand name “Aponjon.” And this “Aponjon” Service has been running successfully at “Synesis IT” premises with some efficient agents.

The entire process is highly scalable and highly flexible. Since individual registered women would be at an individual state for which the system had to be highly secured and controlled.

Social Impact and Benefits

§  Through Aponjon pregnant women and family can easily connect with local health services.

§  Everyone can now easily get advice about nutrition of mother and child.

§  “Aponjon” information service delivers life-saving health messages (i.e. both audio and text health messages) to Bangladeshi women and their families.

§  A New mother or a pregnant woman is Bangladesh registered into a system that provides messages that are timed to her during baby’s 1-year age or her pregnancy that can help her know what to do, when to do certain things. And then when to go in for specific treatment issues, or prevention care like immunizations and that sort of thing or make new mothers aware of how best to care for their babies.

§  This service platform helped explaining the benefits of family planning and Make new mothers aware of how best to care for their babies.

§  Pregnant women and even their family can get reminder for immunization and advise about nutrition of mother and child.