Establishment of Union Parishad Helpline- 16256


There are 4554 unions in Bangladesh with proper union parishad acts and village court. There was always a lacking in local governance and access to information to all the citizens of unions as well as knowledge base of UP leaders. The lacking somehow extended and reached in where sharing timely accurate or relevant UP information for all was not possible. People also had a complaining mind about this service and act of union parishad. In this situation, there was always a need to establish a network through which government and citizen can communicate clearly.


The "Union Parishad Help Line" was created as a low-cost operating platform via which for the is local governance is improving by ensuring that UPs and citizens are able to access timely, accurate, relevant and updated information on Union Parishad. This is one of the Highly Scalable Call Center automation in the similar industry. The UPHL system and service also offers the potential to generate feedback from UPs through the testing of push and pull mobile phone information services with UPs and linking central information on UP performance to local Union Information and Service Centers (UISCs). To maintain all designated services, Synesis IT developed this call center in a well-tested, highly Secured and highly Flexible environment to ensure comprehensive operability.

The UPHL is aligned with the "Access to Information" (A2I) program and the "Right to Information" (RTI) Act. This is in keeping with the recent growth of low cost help line services in Bangladesh and the growing demand for locally driven feedback mechanisms. The service can be accessed from all telecom operators in Bangladesh by dialing 16256 from the subscribers’ mobile/land phone.

Social Impact and Benefits

§  Through this call center total operation management of UPHL is handled in a safe and credible hand with proper performance monitoring.

§  Through this call center a direct communication path has been established between people to government.

§  Maintaining UP acts, UP Rules, UP Residential issues, Queries, Complaints, Grievance Reports are maintained in a gentle and smart manner so that anyone can access to any information instantly.

§  Information confidentiality has been kept safe by this call center solution.

§  Call center team is always available to help with no line disruption hassle.

§  Even call center has been maintaining an easy and fully functional system for the people who are not enough educated about UP guidelines. Now they can communicate and solve their problems through UPHL.