Phyto-Sanitary Certification & Import Permit Issue Process


Department of Agricultural Extension (DAE) is the largest public-sector extension service provider in Bangladesh. Its mission is to provide need-based extension services to all categories of farmers to enable them to optimize their use of resources, in order to promote sustainable agricultural and socio-economic development. DAE has contributed significantly to crop production, particularly in rice and wheat, in helping the country to attain self-sufficiency in food. Although DAE has been managing all the needs that it can serve with, still there was scope to develop the entire work flow process. Previously, the work flow settings include paper applications, the process required document approval from several departments, manual validation process. Also, specific data collection and report generation through it was very time consuming. Finally, when it comes to payment services, citizens had to physically move here and there to fulfill the requirements.


The objective of this project was to develop a professional, secured and database driven web application to facilitate the Phyto-sanitary certification and import permit issuing procedure of DAE. The established web interface digitalized the system with online paper application forms, digital signature, information sharing within relevant government organizations for rightful verification, automated approval procedure, online report generation etc.

Social Impact and Benefits

§  Farmers are getting all kinds of extension easily which is enabling them to use the full potential of their resources.

§ By the digitalization of the service of DAE, sustainable agriculture promotion has been going well and socio-economic development has been progressing positively.

§ Phyto Sanitary certification and import permit issue process are now ongoing under more organized and strict monitoring which is maintaining a standard in quality checking.

§ The whole process of certification has achieved a speedy gateway through automation of approval procedure, digital signature process, online report generation and information access to related government organization.