Pat Kroy Bikroy Korar SMS Bhittik Babostha


Bangladesh Jute Mills Corporation has been serving millions of farmers with employment which is leading the country’s unemployment ratio to a lower rate and thus boosting country`s economic growth. Farmers play a crucial role in jute cultivation and for their selfless productivity in work has contributed our country`s GDP to grow constantly. A sincere concern was always there to improve the payment gateway and confirmation to service for this jute farmers. Previously the whole process was handled in pen & paper which costs everyone lengthy time schedule, frequent physical visits and manual data collection to recording as well as preserving it.


To simplify the whole process Synesis IT came up with a system “Pat Kroy Bikroy Korar SMS Bhittik Babostha”. This initiative was initiated to ease the jute farmer`s hassle as service recipients through modernization of Pat Kroy Bikroy Korar SMS Bhittik Babostha with more smartness. The farmers are now facilitated with instant SMS notification whenever they are selling or buying jute to or from anyone. Even the transaction is being made with proper financial rate which means from both side (Buyer or Seller) can enjoy a win-win proposition.

Social Impact and Benefits

§ The system is anticipated to simplify the services provided from BJMC through ICT that have been practiced in traditional way so that citizen services can be provided in faster, easier and more organized manner.

§ With this initiative Bangladesh Jute Mills Corporations will step forward in the governments vision of Digital Bangladesh.

§  Jute Farmers are now satisfied with their employment and financial transactions related with it.

§  Information collection, recording and maintain got more efficiency reducing pen-paper works and file keeping.