Synesis IT helps organizations with Business Process Automation and Business Process Re-Engineering to provide functionality that increases productivity by reducing manual work processes. By creating flexible and automated business processes organizations of all sizes can realize the following benefits:
  • Greater consistency and conformity in applying business rules
  • Increased Revenue and Reduced Cost Optimization process cycle time
  • Transparent, reliable, effective, efficient and compliant system
  • Optimization of automation by eliminating tedious manual processes
  • Support for compliance initiatives due to greater control and easy accessibility of audit trails
  • Increased accountability through administrative visibility into past activities and present status
  • Higher productivity that results in increased throughput/reduced cycle times
Synesis Business Solutions, a division of Synesis IT, offers a wide range of integrated, end-to-end business applications and services designed to help small, midmarket and corporate businesses become more connected with customers, employees, partners and suppliers.


Synesis IT holds 7 years long experience of developing and implementing ERP in Bangladesh. Synesis IT supports client with its own ERP called Synesis Synergy ERP. It is one of the first locally developed ERP that had been implemented in Bangladesh Telecom industry. Synesis IT business consultants and technologists are comprehensively versed in the design, implementation and customization of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) applications.

Synergy ERP is one of the applications from Synesis IT’s Business Automation initiative that will dynamically enhance organizations workflow with ultimate transparency, clarity, performance and will ensure quantifiable and value added results.

Synergy ERP is a complete international standard web enabled ERP application that streamlines and integrates the operation processes and information flow of any business (Small, Medium or Large) to synergize the resources namely men, material, money and machine through information. Within a single mouse click, it provides stunning reports that enables management to take better decisions.

It facilitates enterprise-wide integrated information system by covering all functional areas like HR, Payroll, Accounts, Finance, Inventory, Assets, Sales, Purchase, Production, etc. Individually, each module of Synergy ERP will help organizations to manage their most critical business processes. Collectively, they will form a tightly integrated business application suite that adds value to every facet of an organization and its external value chain.

Key Benefits
  • Enables management of accounts through alignment with strategic goals
  • Simple, Powerful, Affordable
  • Increases Accountability, Transparency and Efficiency
  • Provides the Right information to the Right people in the Right time to make the Right decision
  • Security can be applied at data-level
  • Greater ability to adapt to business growth and change
  • Reduces Process Cycle Times
  • Lowers operational costs by reducing dependence on manual processes